Supporting Programs

  • Mitzvah Magic.  Mitzvah Magic brings to life the Jewish values that are discussed in the classroom.  Each grade selects a Mitzvah theme.  The students develop ways for the entire Religious School to perform Mitzvot within their themes through Tzedakah, in-house projects, and field trips.
  • Music Enrichment.  We are thrilled to have teacher, musician and song writer, Sam Levine join us to enrich Religious School prayer with music on Shabbat mornings.
  • Learning Resource Program.  Some students need extra assistance; others benefit from additional challenges.  Professional Religious School educators run a structured program designed to provide assistance so that a multitude of needs can be met within the Religious School environment.
  • Family Education Program.  Judaism is not something that is merely taught in the classroom.  It needs to be reinforced at home, as well.  The Religious School is encouraging this process by implementing a Family Education Program.  On selected Shabbat mornings, each grade will have the opportunity for parents to join together with their children learning about Judaism and each other. Rabbi Sara Metz will lead projects, activities and discussions in which parents and children engage with Jewish tradition and explore their own values.
  • Library Program.  The Religious School students utilize the many resources offered by the Kurt Gruenwald Memorial Library.  In addition, the students in 7th grade through 12th grade have an opportunity to utilize the library for various research projects.
  • Bar/Bat Mitzvah Program.  The Religious School program is supplemented by Bar/Bat Mitzvah training.  Ben Laskowitz provides individualized instruction so that each student becomes thoroughly familiar with all of the prayers and melodies necessary to lead the Congregation on the day of the Bar/Bat Mitzvah – and beyond.
  • Computer-Aided Learning.  Classroom instruction is supplemented by computer programs aimed at enhancing the learning process.  Various software programs in Hebrew reading, grammar, prayer, Jewish History, and many other appropriate topics are available for use by the students.  Computer-aided Learning is made possible by the Susan Samuel Computer Educational Memorial Fund.