06 Feb 2018

Tuesday Morning Torah – February 6, 2018

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L’Dor Va’Dor– from generation to generation.  Taken from our weekday liturgy, the full phrase from which these words are taken proclaims that “From generation to generation we will declare God’s greatness…” passing on our Jewish beliefs, values, and practices to those who will follow us. Indeed at Congregation Torat El, this is one of our foundational values as we exist to be a place where generations can learn from one another, and where lessons and life wisdom can be passed down from those in our midst who have gathered much wisdom along life’s path.


Last week, I came across this beautiful video, feature music from Craig Taubman and photography from Bill Aron. The video expresses in pictures this idea which is sometimes difficult to capture in words.


As you watch the video, think back to those who came before you. What did they teach you? How did they inspire you? How are you living out the Jewish values that they passed on to you? And what are you doing to pass those values on to future generations? What is the role of our synagogue in this sacred work and how can you be a part of that opportunity?


Enjoy. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.  

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