27 Sep 2016

Tuesday Morning Torah – September 27, 2016

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In less than one week, we will gather together for Rosh Hashanah as we begin the new year of 5777 together. We look forward to celebrating with you. Any questions about tickets, times, or the calendar of events, please call us at 732-531-4410.
Below are a few last resources to help you become spiritually and emotionally prepared for these upcoming Days of Awe.
1.   CREATE What do you hope for the New Year? That is the question asked by The   American Jewish World Service’s new campaign for 5777. Join celebrities, Jewish leaders, and members of the broader Jewish community to participate.   Click here and write, in 18 words or less, about the positive changes that you want to see in the coming year.
2.   READ/WATCH Click here to watch, or read a sermon delivered by my colleague Rabbi Elliot Cosgrove at Park Avenue Synagogue in NY and entitled, “The Netflix Generation.”   Using Springsteen’s latest concert tour, our Netflix addiction and our insatiable appetite for technology, Cosgrove presents challenges us to nurture our spiritual souls in the coming year.   To watch, or read more- check out the following.
3.  LEARN Check out this band new resource from the   Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies. Enjoy this   Yom Kippur Companion intended to help prepare and guide you through the highlights of the Yom Kippur rituals and prayer services. Down load it ahead of time, or print it out and bring it with you to services on Yom Kippur as a resource.
4. INVITE Know any millennials who wonder why they should even bother coming to synagogue over the High Holidays.    Send them this article by Rabbi David Wolpe to consider.
5. SING AND DANCE Because they are old, but joyous every year:

  Dip Your Apple Video- Fountainheads!-

  The Maccabeats: Book of Life

Enjoy and see you later this week! My best wishes to you and your family for a healthy, meaningful, and productive new year! 
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