08 Apr 2014

Tuesday Morning Torah – April 8, 2014

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We’re one week away! In my house we are moving into “all Passover, all of the time” mode! We are eating the food in the pantry and finishing the leftovers in the freezer, cleaning the house from top to bottom, listening to Passover songs with the kids in the car over and over again, and our Passover shopping is well under way!

As I begin to prepare for our own seder, and for the community seder (last chance to   sign up is today), I have come across a few resources that I thought would be helpful to all of you as we approach our Festival of Freedom.

1. Download the   Passover Guide from the Rabbinical Assembly to answer all questions about keeping a Kosher for Passover home, and shopping for Passover.

Also, if you are out shopping and need to look up whether or not something is kosher for Passover on your mobile phone, check out this   guide from the Orthodox Union.

2. Click here for some   wonderful Passover resources including games for kids, recipes, and hi-tech Hagaddah resources from the Boston Jewish community.

3. Download this fun   Exodus scavenger hunt app for small kids from G-dcast.

4. Print out this   handout from Mercaz Olami to bring conversation about Israel to your Seder.

5. Read the complete   guide to hosting a Seder.

6. Learn how to   clean for Passover in one day.

Enjoy! Wishing all of you a hag kasher v’sameach– a wonderful and joyous Passover!

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